Wanted: Participants in London for Migrant Deaf Film

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Hello, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? (Steve: yes it’s beautiful). I am Sanchu, and I am Steve.

We are working on a research project, that is called ‘MobileDeaf’, but what it is about? It is focusing on migration to London and soon we will be engaged in making an ethnographic film for the project. We will be doing filming of deaf migrants in London – Steve can you explain more, what do we want to find out from the film about deaf migrants?

Yes you are right, the film will be about deaf migrants. It will involve deaf people who are from abroad and who have migrated and moved to London; they could have moved for many reasons, for example, to work, to get married, to study, set up a business, so there could be a lot of reasons for their migration. We are interested in recording deaf migrants’ experiences, for example, how did they adjust their language when they moved [to London], when they went out into the deaf community how did they feel, for example, about people’s attitudes, was it positive or negative, how do they communicate day to day, in their everyday life in the community.

Can people from any country of any age be in the film? [Young boy runs quickly by, laugh] Yes, people from any country can be in the film.

Can they be men or women, a diverse range of people? They must at least be over 18, that’s the key criterium.

Ok yes people must be over 18, right, so people have migrated to London, but how long must they have been in the UK for?

Ah, right ok, well, maybe they moved 2-3 years ago and have been living in London since; we aren’t looking for people who moved a very long time ago, but if, say they moved when they were a teenager, say from 12-14 or 18, and they can be involved but must be over 18. They can be a man or a woman, from an EU or non-EU country. We want the film to focus on their diverse range of experiences.

Ok, so how will you film people, will you track them for example, at any place they go; for example, if they go shopping, to work, college, and you will interview them?

Yes, we will interview people, but this is not a film with only interviews with people about their lives, it is more than that. We want to record their everyday lives, like for example, when they visit a deaf club, we will shadow and film them, how do they engage in the club, or it could be a deaf event, like a social for example, or if they go to a local mainstream hearing event with other people, we will film and shadow them during that time and film things like their communication with other people, that’s an example. [Man walks by]

Hmmm, ok, that’s interesting. What do you want those involved to feel they will get from being on film? Do you think they would be happy to share stories.

Yes, that’s important, sure, but really although the film will be broadcast publicly, it is linked to information gathering, which means when people in UK or from abroad, watch the film, they will get an idea of what the lives of London deaf migrants are like, so when we shadow people we will be gathering information, so that when the wider public watches the film they will see what life is life in London for deaf migrants in their everyday lives.

So this isn’t for people who aspire to become famous and want to be the star on television or in a film!

No! They may want to, but the film is for university research, and when the film is finished we will show it at events, where people can discuss the film – so it’s a bit different. It’s to discuss [the lives of migrants who have been in the film]. So for example, let’s say we’ve shadowed a deaf migrant at a deaf club in the film, at the film screening event [after the film has been made], people can discuss whether their experience is the same or different as the migrant shown in the film. It’s all part of information gathering for research.

Ah right, I see. If a person wants more information about being in the film, how do they contact us?

Ok, so when you and I go out to different events, people can approach and contact us then. Also…erm…we will be setting up group meetings, so that people who are interested in becoming involved can get together and we can discuss [man walks by camera]…[provide] more information, these dates will be arranged.

Ok, great, so if anybody watching is interested in being involved in the [film] project, please watc this space!

Yes, because we do have some interest, yes, two people so far, but we do need more, so if anybody watching is interested in volunteering to become involved please contact us. One thing, we cannot pay volunteers for taking part in the film, but, we can pay for food, for meals, for drinks, and other consumables, when you are taking part in the film. It’s also a great opportunity for you to share your experience, so that the world can see what it means to be a deaf migrant in London. That’s the aim.

Good, so I hope anybody watching is keen to share their story, ok.

Great thank you for watching. Bye!

Contact: s.emery@hw.ac.uk